We Love “Stupid” Questions

Kjell Ove Velta and Pete Ternsten Junior are behind the successful company Nordic Pump Systems (NPS).

─ We stand out from our competitors in the way we conduct training and follow-up. We love the stupid questions, says General Manager of NPS, Kjell Ove Velta.

Since its start in 2012, NPS has experienced an adventurous growth in demand for mortar and concrete pumps.

─ The idea behind NPS came when we saw the need to modernize the construction industry. We experienced that many contractors and companies in the construction industry still did things the old-fashioned way, with cement mixers, manual work, pulleys, and ropes. The job that used to take two days can now be done in a few hours using our pumps. In addition, the pumps represent increased safety and less physical work for the craftsmen who work on the construction sites, says Kjell Ove.

The customer focus is extremely important
Both Kjell Ove and Pete travel a lot to contractors and construction sites throughout Norway. The time is spent on courses, training, and troubleshooting on the concrete pumps.

It is in this area that we stand out from the competition. We will provide personal service all the way. When you buy, lease or rent a pump from us, you get the service on the purchase. Our phone number is on all the pumps. It is better that customers call us once too much than once too little. Often we can solve the problem directly over the phone. Time is money, explains Pete Ternsten jr. in NPS.

Nationwide supplier
NPS is a nationwide supplier of mortar- and concrete pumps from the German manufacturer PFT. The customer base extends from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north.

─ The pumps from PFT are the “filet mignon” of concrete pumps. There are other brands that are cheaper and less expensive, but our experience is that with these types there are long waits for spare parts and follow-up. If you do not receive parts or follow-up in time, the pump will be left unused in the corner and you will return to doing it the old-fashioned way. We always have spare parts in stock and can send them out the same day, Velta points out.

The mortar and concrete pumps from NPS have been used in several of the country’s largest construction projects, the new terminal at Gardermoen, and at the Nordic region’s longest railway tunnel on the Follo line, which is planned to open in 2022.

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