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Andre Tømmerbakk in Sto Norge has collaborated with NPS for over 5 years.
– Over the years, NPS has proven that I can safely recommend them to others. Their customer service and the pumps are impeccable! If there’s anyone I trust, it’s these guys. We have simply become good friends!

Sustainable cooperation

Sto Scandinavia develops and manufactures products and system solutions for the construction industry. They are leaders in sustainable construction for the benefit of people, society, and the environment.
– I want the best for my customers. And the best thing is to use our products together with the pumps from NPS.

Andre Tømmerbakk has, over the years, seen how the pumps from NPS are changing the industry. Not only does everything become more efficient, but the pumps are a big step for health at work.

– With these pumps, there is less wear and tear on the body and thus fewer sick days. Imagine the wear and tear of carrying buckets upon buckets of mortar. In addition, the amount of dust and dirt is considerably less, and thus fewer rounds of washing.

Solution-oriented customer service 24/7

Tømmerbakk believes that good customer service is alpha when it comes to using machines that NPS sells and rents out.
– NPS are solution-oriented and creative in how they solve problems that may arise for the customer. After all, you work with a lot, and you usually need help quickly. And you get that here! These guys believe that 95% of problems can be solved over the phone. Nothing is better than that!

Perfect results every time

– By using the pumps, the quality of the work improves, because the mixture used is the same every time. The modernization of the pumps does not take the subject and art away from the mason. “The final touch” is still important. You simply get rid of a lot of the less fun work before and after.
– It is important to choose those who are the best at something, and NPS is the best at pumps.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

NPS (Nordic Pump Systems) is Scandinavia’s #1 mortar pump service. We have both sales and rentals. In addition, we carry all accessories and spare parts. If you rent or buy a mortar pump, concrete pump, or mixing machine from us, you will save time, and money, and, not least, you will reduce the workload.

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