A Greener Construction Site

All our pumps are electric, and with a goal from the government of fossil-free construction sites by 2025, we will help you and your company towards a greener workplace!

With an ever-increasing focus and new investments in the environment and climate, we want to help you and your company one step closer to achieving the goal of a fossil-free construction site – and workplace. In January 2021, it was stated in a document to Storting; “Climate Plan 2021-2030”, that the goal of reaching fossil-free construction sites should preferably be achieved by 2025.

Out with CO2 – in with PFT

We at NPS have a dealer agreement with the German company PFT. Here we have many different machines and pumps, and best of all – all are electric! Not only does this save the environment a lot of fuel, but they are also easier and safer to use. The machines and pumps are both for loan and purchase.

Are you new to such pumps? Do not despair – if you rent or buy from us, you get both a pump and a man! We want to contribute to a safe workplace, and with long and valuable knowledge, we help you get started. Should you become unsure along the way; We are +only a phone call away!

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NPS - Kjell Ove og Pete

We help you towards a fossil-free direction

We at Nordic Pumpe Systems AS will be involved in the modernization and efficiency process of the construction and civil engineering industry. Not only do we want to help you on the way to the goal of a fossil-free construction site, but we also want to make your process faster, easier, and more profitable. With extensive experience in the rental of building and construction equipment, we can help you choose the right machine for the right use!