Rarely Needs Spare Parts from NPS

Mason Dag Arne Nilsen, Kongsberg department, is a loyal customer of NPS. With their 26 employees, they have used the mortar pumps from NPS for a number of years and can tell about the high uptime of the pumps.

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Well suited for medium-sized projects
Tiler in Murmester Dag Arne Nilsen, Kongsberg department, Saud Mohic says that they use the mortar pump in several of the company’s projects.

– The pumps work perhaps best on slightly smaller and medium-sized projects. Like when we work in basements, detached houses or in shop premises like here at Gulskogen center. This ensures us high efficiency and equal quality of the mortar that is pumped. They are also small and can be placed almost anywhere, the tiler says.

Gets spare parts the same day
Although there is very rarely anything wrong with the pumps from NPS, tiler Saud says that good maintenance is still important to ensure the highest possible uptime on the pumps.

─ We experienced a few running-in problems in the beginning, but now it’s going smoothly! After we received help from NPS to calibrate the pump, we rarely experience a need for either spare parts or assistance. It is also about the fact that we have now gained much more experience with the use of the pumps, the times we have needed spare parts, it has mostly come the same or the day after, Mohic explains.

– Nevertheless, I would still like to emphasize that good maintenance is important to ensure good service life. Among other things, you must be careful not to leave the screed for too long in the hose, and cleaning after use is also important, Mohic states.

Sends pump on regular services
Kjell Ove Velta in NPS talks about a good collaboration between them and the mason company.

– Dag Arne Nilsen is a good and loyal customer with us. We experience them as professional and serious players in the industry. They are also good at calling us in NPS if they need assistance, spare parts or if they are just wondering about something. They also have the pump inside for annual service with us, says Velta.

If you buy a pump from NPS, you get a full day of training on the purchase. NPS also has several different rental pumps inside at all times.

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