About us

Service – competitiveness – efficiency



Nordic Pump Systems AS is involved in the process of making the construction industry more modernized and effective.

Guaranteeing increased efficiency for companies who want to invest and be even more competitive.

Nordic Pump Systems AS is centrally located in relation to the most expansive areas in Norway, which means our products are delivered all over Norway within a time frame of 2 days maximum.

NPS has an exclusive dealer agreement with the German company PFT (www.pft.eu) a company that works internationally. With production of machinery and technology related to equipment productivity, especially in consideration with pumps and injection equipment for industries that have strong craftsmanship traditions.

The company has approximately 40 years of experience and expertise in this industry.

NPS has its own premises with a modern workshop and exhibition of our new products in Notodden, The Blues Town!

The owners of NPS have extensive experience in contracting, construction and the renting of construction equipment. We are always looking for products related to the streamlining of the industry as an important gateway to the expansion and further development of the company.

The owners of NPS are Telemark Bygg Utleie AS (TBU) 80% and Per Oscar Ternsten jr. 20%.

Our products are quality. Our service is unmatchable.