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Nordic Pump Systems solves many varied challenges. We constantly have new machines and new technology we test out and are often represented at the major construction industry fairs, such as the “Bygg Reis Deg” fair.

A Greener Construction Site

A Greener Construction Site All our pumps are electric, and with a goal from the government of fossil-free construction sites

G4 with Redirep 45 RSF

Stormbygg As in Måløy needed help after there M-Tec pump wasn't strong enough to pump MAPEI Redirep

New Ritmo XL to Oslo

Another happy customer. Oslo Malermesterferretning As recirved there new Ritmo XL switchable pump with free training on


One of Nordic Pump Systems' customers needed a little extra training in spraying and applying mortar. No


We Love "Stupid" Questions Kjell Ove Velta and Pete Ternsten Junior are behind the successful company Nordic Pump Systems

New G4 pump to Hæhre

Another happy customer. Delivered a new G4 pump to Hæhre for there tunnel project in Stryn. The

Elementmontasje Swing L

Elementmontasje Vest is building the biggest building in Norway right now. They have used our tough little

Zargomat spraying gun

We received a new gun today. It's good for grouting of tiles and work like that. It gives you much more

New year, new car

New year, new opportunities, and a new car. Business is growing fast, look for us in your city!