G 4 Mixing pump

G 4 NeXt Generation – 00260621

The PFT G 4 – the European champion among the continuously working mixing machines, when it comes to economic efficiency. For the application of any type of pumpable mortar. Over 60,000 machines sold so far speak for themselves. Thanks to its efficiency, silence and technical perfection, the PFT G 4 is Europe’s “Number One”.

The PFT G 4 is a continuously working mixing machine for all ready-mixed dry mortars.

It can be filled both with bagged material and using a delivery hood or a SILOMAT injection hood. The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy and comfortable transport due to their small and handy dimensions and low weights.

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G4 parts list

Mixing Tube
Control Unit
El.Mech Components
Water Manifold
Air Manifold
Spraying Guns
Material Hopper