Get your Concrete Pump Certification at NPS!

Developers throughout Norway expect you to be certified on machines you use on construction sites. NPS’s concrete pumps are no exception. Order your certification on PFT’s ingenious machines today!

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The certification is not a Norwegian standard yet, but more and more developers expect machine operators to know how machines are used in the workplace. In collaboration with PFT, NPS has created a “driver’s license” for four unique machines, which NPS specializes in.

Certified: Kjell Ove Velta and Pete Ternsten Jr. with Nordic Pump Systems

Unike pumper til alle bruksområder

De fire kategoriene er:

  • G4-serien. Miksepumpe med separat tørr-og blandekammer.
  • Ritmo-serien. Miksepumpe med felles material og blandekammer. Kan bruke ferdigblandede produkter rett i kammer.
  • Horisontale pumper. Pumper uten blander, kun pumping av ferdigblandet produkt.
  • Tørrprodukt transportsystem. Frakter tørrprodukt opp til den etasjen du ønsker.

Sertifikat: Slik ser et PFT-sertifikat ut.

These four “licences” on machine categories cover so to speak everything you can do with concrete on a project.

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You can take the courses at NPS in Notodden or on the construction site. We will hold the course when you are available. You can take the course regardless of the number of participants. You can therefore complete your certification at any time!

Get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the case. No questions are stupid!

Certified: Saud Mohic, tiler in Murmester Dag Arne Nilsen, department Kongsberg

Large machine park, personal training and accessories

Nordic Pump Systems has extensive experience with customers in many industries and a machine for any mortar challenge.

PFT’s smart and robust machines make your concrete work on average 300-400% more efficient. We have many of the machines available for rent or sale in our warehouse, as well as spare parts.

We are well known for our good service and effective training, which is a focus area. We make sure that you and your company get the most out of the machine.

If you buy a pump from NPS, you also get a full day of training with the purchase!

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