Can I use one machine for all products?
NO, you can use one machine for many different products but there are so many different products out there there isn’t one machine for everything. We have over 45 different types of machines, call us and we will figure out what is best for your company.

Do I need 230V 3 phase electricity for all machines?
No, many of our machines run on 230V single phase power, some on 400V power and even a few that are switchable between 230V and 400V.

When I buy or rent a machine do i get training on the machine?
Yes, when you buy or lease any machine from us you get one day of training free. If you rent a machine from us we do offer a training session on that machine for a small fee. We feel that knowing how to use the machine properly is the most important factor in using a machine. We are also always available over the phone for any technical questions free of charge.

What if I need parts for my machine? Do you have them in stock?
Yes we carry most wearing parts for our machine in our shop in Notodden. We understand that time is money and most people need the parts NOW! If we don`t have it in stock we can usually get in within a couple days.

I have a project but have no idea what machine to use. Can you help?
Yes, just give us a call and we will come to your jobsite or office free of charge and happily discuss what we feel will be the best and most cost effective way to use our machines.

I have a product but am not sure if it is pumpable. What can I do?
Just give us a call and we will test it for you for free and see what machine it works best in.

Can I use the Rotor/Stator on my machine for all products?
No, As there are many machines because of so many different types of products, so are there many types of Rotor/Stators as well. It depends on what machine, what product, how far your pumping, how thick your applying it and how fast you need to pump. Call or email us and we can help.

I want to use one of your automatic mixers. Can I use any type for any product?
No. Our smaller mixer, the Lotus XS, is great for most products no matter how dry or wet. But if your going to mix a KC product then we recommend our bigger mixer the HM24, it has a longer mixing time and is great for ALL products. The Lotus XS is 230V 20La minute, the HM24 comes in both 230V and 400V and can mix from 35L a minute  up to 80L a minute.

I do not have a lot of water pressure at my cabin, will that be a problem using a mixing pump?
Maybe, All our mixing pumps need at least 2,5 lbs of water pressure to work. If they don’t have that they shut themselves off to protect the machine. If you don’t have enough water pressure then we have a small water booster pump you can use to fix the problem.

I have bought a machine from you 6 months ago and have forgotten how to use it. Can you help?
Yes, we can come to your job site and retrain you or your employees and only charge for the time we use.

I have bought a PFT machine a long time ago and need some parts. Can I get them from you or do I have to buy a machine from NPS to get parts from you?
Yes of course you can buy them from us. We are the only PFT distributer in Norway for all machines and all parts. We can even service or fix your machine if you need it.

I have a machine that needs service. Does your company do that?
Yes, that is a major part of our business. We don’t just sell, lease or rent machines and say “Good Luck!”. We feel 50% of owning a machine is the service you get. We can are happy to service your machine so you know its good to go the next time you use it. We also have outstanding agreements with certain customers for set dates for automatic service on there machines 2 times a year if you like. We can come to you, or you can send it to us.

I have tried machines about 10 years ago but am skeptical. Can you demonstrate your machines at my jobsite?
Yes, the machines now a days are so much better than before. another big difference is that your not alone when you use one of our machines, we are there to teach you how to use it and to help if you have any problems later. For a free demonstration just give us a call or send an email.

Im doing a job that is 15 floors up. Do you have machines that can help?
Yes depending on what type of job your doing we have equipment and Silos that transport dry material up to 140m up and into the machine where it stays dry until ready to be mixed. All automatic with the push of one button. Call or email us for more details.

I have a job coming up soon where I have to anchor steel rods 4,5 meters into the rock. There is about 300 holes. Do you have a machine that can help?
Yes, our Ritmo L is the perfect machine for mixing and pumping the material into the holes for anchoring.

Do you have machines in stock or is there a delivery time?
We try and have most machines in stock for fast delivery. However during the peak summer season there can, on occasion, be a small waiting time. Call us for delivery times and questions.

How far can I pump product?
That depends on many things. What type of product? How big is the mortar hose? What machine? What Rotor/Stator? It all depends on the pressure in the mortar hose. Some products we can go 120 meters, others we can only go 15 meters. Call us and we can help.

Is it cheaper to use your machines than doing it by hand?
Yes, with an experienced crew you can normally do most jobs 3-4 times faster using one less man. And its easier on the employees as well, not so rough on there backs and shoulders!

I have a special job that I want to use machines on but im not sure you have a machine for this type of application. Can you help?
Yes just call us and we can have a meeting and figure out the best way to do it. We have made special adaptions to many of our machines for customers with interesting problems. there is always a way!