Sto Norge: – NPS you can trust!

Sto Norge: – NPS you can Trust! Andre Tømmerbakk in Sto Norge has collaborated with NPS for over 5 years. - Over the years, NPS has proven that I can safely recommend them to others. Their customer service and the pumps are impeccable! If there's anyone I trust, it's these guys. We have

Nordic Pumpe Systemer opens a new branch in Oslo

Nordic Pumpe Systemer opens a new branch in Oslo Now NPS will be even more accessible to you as a customer! Finally, we can announce that we are opening a new department. You will find our new department in Lillestrøm, just outside the center of Oslo. – We are only a short

Vestmur AS: Buy or Rent – We Choose NPS!

Vestmur AS: Buy or Rent - We Choose NPS! Kenneth Furnes, general manager of Vestmur AS has for over 15 years helped its customers with masonry, tiling, painting and floor casting. And this results in many assignments. Therefore, it is important to use high quality machines. Vestmur AS is located in Langevåg,

Rarely Needs Spare Parts from NPS

Rarely Needs Spare Parts from NPS Mason Dag Arne Nilsen, Kongsberg department, is a loyal customer of NPS. With their 26 employees, they have used the mortar pumps from NPS for a number of years and can tell about the high uptime of the pumps. Also read: «NPS Loves Stupid Questions»

A Greener Construction Site

A Greener Construction Site All our pumps are electric, and with a goal from the government of fossil-free construction sites by 2025, we will help you and your company towards a greener workplace! With an ever-increasing focus and new investments in the environment and climate, we want to help you and

In need of a new mixing pump?

We experience that more and more people need mixing pumps and concrete pumps. Are you one of them? Well, you are in luck – we will gladly help you! Time does not stand still here at NPS, with exciting projects year-round. We thrive in busy times! Nowadays we ship out pumps to new

Get your Concrete Pump Certification at NPS!

Get your Concrete Pump Certification at NPS! Developers throughout Norway expect you to be certified on machines you use on construction sites. NPS's concrete pumps are no exception. Order your certification on PFT's ingenious machines today! Also read: «NPS Loves Stupid Questions» The certification is not a Norwegian standard yet, but

G4 with Redirep 45 RSF

Stormbygg As in Måløy needed help after there M-Tec pump wasn't strong enough to pump MAPEI Redirep 45RSF. NPS to the rescue with the powerful PFT G4 pump. We delivered the rental and we're happy to give them complete training on how to use the pump properly and spray

Man and pump rented to customer!

Helping out a customer who rented a pump with a man to help with the pump. -5 is no problem with our pumps and our heated water hoses! We even bring our own electricity with our compact 15kva 400v generator. Contact us now!

Drainage problem solved with Swing M and 402L Air Compressor

AOG Bygg used our Swing M pump and 402L air compressor to spray Hey'Di's WaterSeal into the foundation of a house. Glad we could contribute with our machines! PFT is our machine supplier, and all our concrete machines come from them. The machines do everything from mixing mortar, grout, and